With Only 2 Weeks, Here What You Can See When Visiting Indonesia

For those who has never visited Indonesia, you might want to consider the country for your next holiday. Yup Indonesia is damn huge.

The world’s biggest island chain country, its 17,000-odd islands are spattered throughout over 3,000 mls of the equator.

islands of indonesia

Its 250 million occupants speak around 700 languages and follow 6 major religious beliefs, not forgetting a variety of animist traditions.

One computation recommends that it would likely take more than 40 years to check out all Indonesia. If 14 days is all you’ve got, that shouldn’t prevent you from seeing this varied country.

These 4 travel plans, for various kinds of tourists, provide a flavor of Indonesia, from impressive volcano reaches indulgent retreats, from beautiful islands to routine sacrifice, from aged temples to first-rate barrel waves.

Nights 1-3: After flying into Lombok, first off is climbing up the spiritual volcano, Gunung Rinjani.


It deserves investing an additional day travelling to the cigarette smoking cone. Gunungbagging.com has complete information.

Nights 4-5: Recovery comes through a couple of days on the Gili Islands, off Lombok’s northwest coast.


Gili Trawangan provides backpacker enjoyable, Gili Air advanced partying and Gili Meno is everything about peacefulness.

Nights 6-8: Indonesia is a worldwide surfing spot, and Lombok, like Bali, has awesome breaks.


Kuta, in south Lombok, has waves perfect for every person from beginners to advanced level. Desert Point, a metronomic left-hand barrel off southwest Lombok, attracts professional surfers from around the globe.

Nights 9-13: Flying into Komodo airport in Labuan Bajo, Flores, provides a chance to explore the Komodo islands.


The well-known dragons– very big, meat-eating lizards which happen to be discovered just here– the diving around the gorgeous islets off Komodo is some of Indonesia’s finest: anticipate to see sharks, turtles, mantas and many other things.

Cannibal Rock is a legendary huge current dive; Manta Street and Batu Bolong are more friendly for less knowledgeable scuba divers.

Remaining on the beautiful Kanawa island is suggested instead of in Labuan Bajo.

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