Want To Learn How To Punch Harder Right Now?

Wanna hit harder?

Did you know that by just reading a few sentences you could drastically increase your punching power? Like right now. Like as soon as you’re done reading you’re basically stronger.

Pretty awesome, right?

So, wanna learn to hit harder? Then you’re going to have to learn to punch correctly.

Without proper technique, your punches will fall on your opponent’s face like dewdrop kisses rolling off flower petals.

No one wants dewdrop kisses.

Would you prefer your punches land more like a freight train shot out of a canon? Then you really need to follow these tips from ExpertBoxing.com:

Basic punching technique:

Basic punching technique:

Speed is not Power – Power is acceleration times mass. Power is not only speed, you must have a force (or a weight) behind that speed. A fast punch will not hit hard unless you put some body weight behind it.

Move Your Body – Like Bruce Lee’s theory behind his famous one-inch punch: moving your whole body one inch hits much harder than moving your arm one foot. You must move your entire body to get the maximum force (weight) behind that punch. The trick is not to focus on moving your body a great distance but rather to move it all at the same time.

Use Your Legs – The biggest muscles in your body will generate the most power. People who punch only with their arms will never punch with real power.

Stay Inside Your Range – Your strongest punch doesn’t land when your arms are fully out-stretched. Your punch hits harder when it lands a bit shorter than your full range of motion. Don’t reach!

Use Angles – Punching from different angles will give your punches more power, more punching opportunities, and more damage on your opponent.

And now you punch harder. You’re welcome.

So if you follow all those great tips, you’ll be throwing harder punches right away. And all without ever having to step into the ring and risk your gorgeous face.

Imagine if a person could read their way to bigger biceps, that’d be amazing, and it’s what you basically just did for your punches. Enjoy your new punching power and BOX RESPONSIBLY! (Don’t punch people/animals/hornet’s nests/etc.)

Hopefully, you’ve now gone from this…:

Hopefully, you've now gone from this...:

…to this:

...to this: