Visa Requirements to Enter Bali

Visa Requirements to Enter Bali

It’s important to pay attention to the requirements for Bali visa mentioned below and get hold of Indonesian embassy in your country before you head to Bali to find out if you might discover any sort of adjustments to the visa necessities as Indonesia can be extremely strict when it comes to foreign people who stay more than their visa date. Completing your holiday vacation by getting up inside a Balinese or any other Indonesian jail for any non-native could be a horror. Because of so many Bali tours and fun actions readily available when on vacation in Bali, it isn’t hard to get lured to stick around for a longer time that you at first planned, yet it’s really a bad idea.

Even though this country is quite flexible to the american approach to doing stuff, you’re going to be jailed if you’re unable to cover the big fine that could be charged for over-staying. Over-staying your own visa is asked to pay US$ 20 per day for over-stays as many as 60 days; at any time more than sixty days, you’ll be prone to 5 years jail time or possibly a fine of IDR 25 mil. Should you choose to stay more than your visa permits, then I suggest you to fly to a neighboring country such as Vietnam or Thailand, which is quite cheap and after that re-visit Bali to recharge your visa.


Before you can enter Bali, remember to be knowledgeable about the various money denominations. The usual currency used in Bali would be the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). The IDR denominations are:

Paper Notes: 100,000, 50,000, 20,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000
Coins: 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000.

Free entry Short-term visa of 30 days can be accessible to individuals possessing passports from the following 11 countries : Macau, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Hong Kong, Peru, Malaysia, Morocco, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Your travel document should be good for a minimum of 6 months starting from the day of entry and you will then be required to show a return ticket.


Short-term visa on arrival (VOA), seven day or thirty day visas are offered for these countries at a price of $ 25 and $ 10 respectively. Just as before, your passport with over 6 months left and going back ticket has to be presented to receive the visa. These countries are: Austria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Egypt, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Iran, Iceland, India, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Kuwait, Laos, Malta, Luxembourg, Maldives, New Zealand, Mexico, Monaco, Poland, Norway, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Qatar, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Suriname, Taiwan, U.S.A, UK and U.A.E.

The countries mentioned below should get in touch with the Indonesian embassy in their own country for getting prior authorization to go into Bali. If you don’t have a visa up front, you’re not going to be allowed to enter the country. These countries are: Angola, Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Iraq, Ethiopia, Ghana, North Korea, Israel, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Somalia and Tanzania.

Besides the short-term visas that exist, there are some other long term visas that could be requested for prior to visiting Bali. It is preferable to submit an application for such visas within your country, despite the fact that they can be a bit more costly, they’ll usually be handled quicker. Examples of the most common long term visas are: limited stay permits (KITAS), business visa, social-cultural visa and job visa.

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So, this is basically all you need to know about the visa required to enter Bali. Make sure to have valid travel documents with you and don’t forget to make some copies of it.

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