The Reason Why Opt For Holiday Villas in Ubud Bali

Why most family pick villas in Ubud rather than hotels on their holidays to Bali? Well, a villa is much like home since it looks like a home, and obviously it has larger space to fit your entire household. Keep on reading to understand why most family prefer villas as their Ubud vacation accommodations.

1. Your Home for the Family


A villa is most definitely comes with many rooms, for example drawing room, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc; thus it somehow makes you feel like you are at home. With so many spaces for everybody, you can relax and enjoy your holiday with ease.

2. A lot more Comfort, and Less Luggage


Family with kids know how hard it is to travel with children. These little folks are just unpredictable. Having a villa as a place to stay can provide you with more comfort and give your kids the freedom to run around. In addition, you will have your own kitchen, and therefore cook the food that your kids love. No need to worry when your kids get hungry in the middle of the night. Other than this, your children will have so much fun because they feel like being in a new home.

3. A lot More Space


Let’s be honest, how much will you spend for a large hotel room? Definitely a lot. This is one big plus about renting a villa. It comes with many rooms and with so much space for everybody. Like i said earlier, the kids will have so much fun by not being restricted to run around like crazy. You will have your own space without having to bother the rest of the household during your holiday.

4. The Rate is Cheaper


People usually rent a villa in Ubud for some time, therefore compare to a hotel room which is paid on day to day basis, villas are less expensive. In addition, villas don’t come with much expenses and overheads compare to regular hotels. With all the space and amenities, renting a villa is definitely a much better deal.

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5. Cut Costs on Food


Being able to cook your own food is a plus for you. Since you cook them yourself, you will have no doubt about the taste and all. Also, doing this will save you money because you don’t have to spend money at restaurants or cafes, which is usually not cheap. However, you don’t have to cook your own food, though it would be nice if you can especially if you have kids which often very picky when it comes to food. If you can’t cook or just to lazy to do so, the villa can handle this. Yup, most villas will offer you their chef or cook to get the job done. That being said, you don’t need to have the skill if you want to stay in a villa while still spending less on food at the same time.

6. More Private & More Comfort


This is also one big plus when getting a villa as your sleeping accommodation. Since the ‘whole complex’ is yours to enjoy, you don’t need to worry about other people using the facilities. Swim whenever you like and sunbath butt naked if you want to, nobody will say a word. Hell, you can even throw a party for a small group of people for all i care. The main point is, this type of accommodation offers you 100% private holiday in the best fashion.

If you want to keep all the space just for you and your family, or to be able to stay away from the crowd, in this case make sure you rent a villa at your favorite Ubud vacation spot. When you get a villa during your holiday, do whatever you like, whenever you like, because no one will give a s**t. Enjoy your holiday.