Straight to the Point Bali Guide

Bali is among the 17,500 islands within the Indonesian island chain. The island rests alone with its lavishness and unparalleled natural beauty. It’s part of the Coral Triangle, that has the greatest assortment of underwater species, causing the coral reefs that encircle the isle a magnificent sight. Regardless of the island’s tiny size, its human population contains the majority of Indonesia’s Hindu.

Bali is not only famous for surfboarding, historic palaces and temples, but also its wild jungles and active volcanoes. This island of the gods comes with white sand beaches at the south, and stunning black colored sand over the west and north. The mysticism of Bali along with its eclectic and spiritual culture are most definitely to amaze people who visit Bali. This quick guide is made to help you get the perfect Bali trip.

What Not To Ever Skip in Bali:


1. Nasi Ayam Kedewatan restaurant

2. Ubud and the Monkey Sanctuary

3. Pura Tanah Lot

4. Hotel Tugu Bali

5. Kuta Beach

6. Museum Puri Lukisan

7. Mozaic restaurant

When is the Perfect Time to Visit Bali

The wet season continues from Oct until March, which is might not be the ideal time for most to enjoy the best of Bali. Chinese New Year and Easter week are considered the high season in Bali. Also, during the start of month September, the rates of hotels or other accommodations tend to get higher. In other words, you will want to find some good deals if you plan to go somewhere between Sept and Dec. Also, dry season starts from April to October. You ought to keep that in mind when making plans for Bali.

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The Views and Activities that You Don’t Want to Miss:

sunset-uluwatu-templeEnjoying sunset at Uluwatu Temple located high above the Indian Ocean.

Sunrise from the top of Gunung Batur looking across the inner caldera and Lake Batur within the volcano. This sunrise was definitely worth getting up at 2am for.

A sun-rise trek to the top of mountain Batur. If you are audacious, healthy, and do not mind waking up during the night to travel, you will be rewarded with many of the island’s most amazing views.


A very early morning ride with horses from Umalas Stables to explore Seminyak Beach.

So there you have it, some of the ideas of what to do the next time you come and visit Bali. I hope this short post is useful for you. Thank you for reading.