Hunting Secondhand and Vintage Goods in Jakarta

While you’re kind of bored to visit mall to mall in Jakarta and look for something vintage or even secondhand things, Jakarta has some good places when you can get good quality goods.

1. Jalan Surabaya

It is a long straight road that is famous for its antique stalls. Here you can find wayang, porcelain, wooden sculptures, antique lamps, old telephone, old camera, and other vintage stuffs.

2. Pasar senen

Probably the most crowded and notorious market, but also one of the cheaper thirft shop in town, starting from as little as Rp5,000!

3. Pasar baru

Pasar Atom building in Pasar baru sells imported secondhand goods with very, very low price. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to dig around and find your hidden treasure.

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