Bali Travel How-to’s For First Time Guests

Read through a few reputable travel mags and there’s no doubt you’ll find Bali, Republic of Indonesia, mentioned among the most popular ten travel destinations on earth.

Having its amazing combination of traditional culture, magnificient landscape, the world’s premier accommodations and the warm of the oceans encircling the island , it’s not shocking.

Bali is found in the Indonesian islands just 8 degrees south from the Equator. This tropical isle measures ninety kms (fifty-five mls) from south to north and one hundred forty kms (ninety mls) from west to east, making this effortless to leave for a tour any place in Bali and come back to your resort by nightfall.

Magnificent mountain peaks that surge mystically over the clouds, unique terraced rice paddies carved right into the hilly landscape, iridescent volcanic crater lakes, abundant exotic forests along with sandy beaches lapped by friendly sea currents are just some of the amazing things that attract lots of tourists to this small island each and every year.

Bali Tips For Very First Time Travelers

Let’s talk about a few important travel guidelines to help you enjoy the absolute best that this island of the gods has to offer:


1. Bali’s sunny climate suggests that travel whenever of the entire year is great, nevertheless it is wise to always check regarding the big Indonesian holiday times as well as religious events in order to stay away from the increase of domestic vacationers.


2. Bali hotel boasts exceptional value, especially if you are traveling on a tight budget. To make sure that you receive the best monetary value, reserve ahead of time.

Balinese Traffic Jam - Bali, Indonesia

3. Navigating in Bali can be very enjoyable, to put it mildly! Road regulations are lacking and traffic may just be extremely unsafe. Do not think that vehicles will always stop at a zebra crossing if you happen to be on foot. In case you’re driving, the best suggestions would be to paraphrase a popular saying, “whenever in Bali, drive just like the Balinese.”


4. Most of the fancy Bali resort hotels and private villas will arrange a driver for you personally, or you could opt to use a bicycle without having far to go.


5. As being a tourist, you’re certain to be hassled by nearest motorists yelling “Transport?” anywhere you go. If you’d like to use a local driver, see to it that he’s crystal clear regarding the place where you plan to visit and reserve a set price prior to getting in the vehicle. Drivers are willing to negotiate with you, therefore it is normal to haggle till you get an amount you’re happy with.


6. And while we are regarding bartering, it’s totally appropriate to negotiate at the stalls and local markets, but do not do it for the typical malls – the sales helper may be rather upset.


7. Vendors will come on you when you go outside of your accommodation, especially if you are situated within the popular tourist area. Even though it may look impolite to you, the best way forward should be to pay no attention to them completely. Tend not to make eye-to-eye contact or stall to check out the goods that they’re selling if you aren’t enthusiastic about buying things, or becoming preoccupied for what may appear forever hoping to get rid of these people.

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8. Watch out for imitation items unless of course that’s what you want. Bali is known for its fake products and there are anything from counterfeit Omega’s to fake Oakley’s in the local markets.

9. Bali residents are probably the most welcoming and calm people you’ll find all over the world, but I am not saying you can lose your precaution in relation to rip-offs and scams.

Be aware of currency exchange spots that have very good rates, boasts who offer the lowest priced ride to the destination while not agreeing a set price and anybody who expects the cash before passing over the products.

10. And maybe the top tip for first time tourists to Bali would be the one that is likely to be the very least successful — do not appear to be a tourist!

Having said that, a few words and phrases of Bahasa should help with this “Oh, i have stayed here for many years” mindset. Selamat pagi for good morning, tolong for please as well as terima kasih for thank you, will get you a considerable way in East-West relationships.