10 Ways To Gain Back Control Of Your Life

1. Learn how to say “No.”

1. Learn how to say

At times, saying “No,” to someone asking something of you can be incredibly difficult.

Not wanting to disappoint people and the desire to avoid confrontation will lead you to agree to things that you don’t want to do. But think of how many times you get turned down when you ask for things? Yes, it sucks, but you move on and are fine.

The same goes for when you have to cancel plans you’re too exhausted to do. Your friend will get over it, and you’ll get that much needed down-time to relax or get things done that you need done.

2. Get Yourself A Damn Weekly Planner

2. Get Yourself A Damn Weekly Planner

We love to pretend that we can remember everything, or hang on to that random piece of paper with notes scribbled on it, or set reminders on our iPhones.

An actual weekly planner puts your daily must-do’s and weekly don’t-f*ing-forget’s in perspective. Write out every week what needs to be done and cross it off when you do it.

You can try highlighting anything with a deadline in yellow and highlight appointments in green (or whatever colors you want). It will help you stay priorities stay in focus.

3. Organize your room.

3. Organize your room.

Messy room, messy life.

Your mother wasn’t just being a huge pain in your ass when she was telling you for the millionth time to clean you room. On top of finding things you thought you had lost, you’ll also gain peace of mind. Much like young children need structure in their lives, you need structure in yours.

Having clothes thrown everywhere, shirts bursting out of your dresser, and important papers and bills stashed all over your room will lead to situations such as being late for work because you couldn’t find your car keys or missing a payment

4. Check out your spending habits.

4. Check out your spending habits.

If your bank offers online banking, and most do, hop online and look at what you’re spending the bulk of your earnings on.

If you are repeatedly dropping $10 here and there on lunches and fancy coffees because you’re too lazy to make it yourself, reconsider your life choices. You can save yourself tons of dough by not eating out on a regular basis. Spending just $5 on breakfast and $10 on lunch is $300/month.

That money could be used for things like a car payment, credit card debt, or groceries to make the food yourself, which would actually cost much less.

5. Wake up

5. Wake up

If you work during the day from 9am-5pm (or similar), waking up at the crack of dawn is something you are used to doing during the week.

Don’t hit the snooze button nine times, wait until you officially have to skimp on looking human for the day, and then rush on the road.

This leads back to #4 where you spend a stupid amount of money on coffee and a crappy breakfast sandwich.

Leave yourself, at the very least, 30 minutes of chill time. Sip your homemade coffee and eat some eggs. Watch the news or, better yet, read a newspaper stay update on what’s going on in the world around you.

6. Set Boundaries

6. Set Boundaries

Your personal space is precious and very important. This doesn’t mean you have to keep anyone out your life.

But, the people who are in your life should know what you are and are not okay with. If your roommate or significant other keeps doing something that bugs the living crap out of you, tell them in a respectful way. Don’t wait until you want to strangle them to let it all out, because you’ll say something that you don’t mean.

If you have a close friend who constantly says or does something that hurts you, tell them. And know your audience. There are ways to approach situations without causing additional grief.

For the most part, if the people who truly care about you are doing something that upsets you, they probably have no idea. Once you tell them, they’ll be glad you did and stop doing it.

7. Respect Your Quality of Life

7. Respect Your Quality of Life

Taking on too many projects, working too many jobs, or over-scheduling yourself will drive your quality of life down. Sure, you may have some extra cash and your friends who all demand to see you are happy, but you need time to yourself.

If money is tight, then working multiple jobs is a necessity and is understandable. That said, you still need to give yourself time to get things done like grocery shop, laundry, and cleaning, as well as some relaxation for your mental health.

Also, if you are truly unhappy with your job, no matter how much you are making, you need to find something else. Taking a pay cut might not be your favorite thing to do, but waking up and looking forward to your day is priceless.

8. Watch less TV.

8. Watch less TV.

It’s so easy to turn on the TV and have background noise when doing your usual tasks.

Having some silence can help you think and unwind a bit. Try doing just one thing you usually do while watching TV without the distraction of a show in the background. You can even play some music instead.

You might actually perfect your favorite dinner dish if you’re focusing more on it. And if you’re anything like me, you might get out the door faster in the morning.

And before bed, try reading a book for a little bit. It may just help you fall asleep faster.

9. Eat small snacks throughout the day.

9. Eat small snacks throughout the day.

It can beneficial for your metabolism to eat a healthy, properly portioned snack throughout the day.

And it’ll also keep your brain going and your productivity up.

The expression “hangry” wasn’t created just because it was funny. Your brain needs food, and you’ll accomplish a whole lot less if you can’t even focus on what you need to do.

If you throw something in your bag or car or desk (wherever it won’t melt and you won’t forget it’s there), you also save yourself time and money by not having to run through somewhere and grab something.

10. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need Anymore

10. Get Rid of What You Don

Most of us wait until we are about to move into a new place to suddenly trash things taking up space in our homes and lives.

You don’t need that sweater. You know, the one you bought on sale about two years ago and never wore? Donate it.

The same goes for clunky or impractical furniture. If you have a piece that holds little function and is taking up space, donate it. Sell it. Get rid of it. Clear your closet, under your bed, and in your pantry and bathroom cabinets.

You’ll feel great knowing that you donated a ton of things you won’t ever use to people who need it, and then trashed the things that should’ve been trashed way too long ago.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need three half-empty deodorant sticks, anyway.